DUI Defense

In Maryland, it is illegal to drive if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.06%. Drug use while driving is also covered under DUI. The consequences for DUI are very serious. Traffic charges such as DUI and driving with a suspended license will carry hefty fines and penalties. I can represent you in the best way possible. I can assist will all driving violations. Make sure I am your first call.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your DUI charges yourself. I have considerable experience and knowledge to assist you with receiving the best judgment for you. Not defending yourself properly in a DUI case can dramatically change your life for the worse. Ensure you are protected by utilizing my services. I know and understand the importance of handling a DUI case properly.

That is why I will aggressively fight for each and every client who chooses me as their attorney. Remember, I have the experience and I know the law!