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SALISBURY, Md. – Officials from Salisbury and Wicomico County gathered for the official groundbreaking of the new Ross Building downtown.

The apartment complex will soon be the second tallest on the eastern shore, standing at 14 stories tall when all is said and done.

To make it possible, the city changed its regulations on building height that made this project possible.

Officials are optimistic that this building will signal a transition for Salisbury, as developers can now grow the city vertically.

“What’s more important is recognizing the transition from a nine to five community in downtown, a nine to five space, to a 24-hour space,” said Salisbury Mayor Jake Day. “We have a vibrant city and a vibrant downtown. That is important, that is important to the long term success of this place.”

We’re told construction is expected to begin this September, officials hope for construction to be complete by the end of 2020.

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