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April 26, 2019  Camila Fernandez

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SALISBURY, Md. – Starting next week Monday some local business owners in Salisbury will be seeing more foot traffic coming into their restaurants.

The annual event called Salisbury Restaurant Week will have different local restaurants whip up special menu prices for visitors to enjoy.

Members of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce say this event has become a tradition for the City of Salisbury.

An employee at Downtown Salisbury says the annual event brings more people to the city and it boosts sales.

“The more people hear about restaurants we can maybe pull people from out of the area,” said Christopher Sherman, an employee at Roadie Joe’s Bar & Grill.

“I mean if they had something like this in Cambridge, I’d probably go up there, but it gets people to travel and see a little bit more,” said Sherman.

According to the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, chefs will also showcase their best dishes and even bring out new items for some taste testing.Categories: MarylandTags: city of salisburyRoadie Joe’s Bar & Grillsalisbury area chamber of commercesalisbury restaurant week

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